PoolGobbler Pro - the incredible automatic pool surface cleaner !

What does the PoolGobbler do

PoolGobbler removes all floating debris such as flies, wasps, leaves and fluff from your pool surface. Within one hour it is clean, and PoolGobbler keeps it clean, all the time and fully automatically.

Its clever design creates a circular flow in the pool surface that takes all floating debris to its filter bag. It works in almost any pool.

This patented product is not obstructive, it positions itself neatly against the wall. You can swim at all times.

Installation is easy and once-off, it stays in place the whole season through. It comes with clear instructions.

It requires no maintenance, just empty the filter bag.


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Comment il fonctionne

PoolGobbler Pro is connected to one of the inlets of your pool, where the water from the pump returns back into your pool.

By its design PoolGobbler directs the instreaming water to flow alongsside the pool's walls.

The speed of the returning water creates a vortex  that results in a circular flow on the pool surface.

This flow takes all floating debris to the PoolGobbler where it is captured in its filter bag.

The pool is clean and it stays clean, all the time.


Now you can relax and fully enjoy your pool while your PoolGobbler keeps it clean!